Hybrid RAID Manager

(Palimpsest Replacement)

RAIDs (Redundant of Array of Independant Disks) are generally limited by the size of the small disk, resulting in wasted storage unless all disks are the same size. Our Hybrid RAID Manager recovers some of that wasted space.

This software is still in the alpha stage and is not ready for release.

Operating System: Linux


  • Current Alpha 0.1.0

    • Ability to create Software RAID with MDADM
    • Ability to remove RAID(s) created with MDADM
    • Stop and remove RAID devices on disks not in a RAID
    • Ability to fail, identify and replace single drives with same or higher capacity to increase space.
    • Shows drives and what device they are attached to for easy identification
    • Shows disk and partition information such as identifier, serial and other physical characteristics.

  • Additions Coming in Alpha 0.2.0

    • Status of RAID operations such as progress bar, percentage and time remaining

  • Additions Coming in Alpha 0.4.0

    • S.M.A.R.T information display, monitoring, status’s with email alerts
    • Edit alerts for S.M.A.RT thresholds
    • Support for multiple RAID(s)
    • Controller information presented when selected

  • Future development

    • Add support for BTRFS RAID(s) and BTRFS Management
    • Add support for ZFS RAID(s) and ZFS Management
    • Add support for Zoned Storage Devices
    • Add RAID 6 support with conversion from RAID 5 to 6


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    Disk View
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  • About Hybrid RAID Manager
    About Hybrid RAID Manager