Here is a little bit of information about my experience.

  8 Years Tech  
  4 years Network  
  A+ Cert (2000)  

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I was born May 24th 1982 and I started out building
things out of Legos at age two and a half with direction
from my father on how to make the most stable walls
for my constructions.  When I was three I started in on
the computers and growing up I always had some sort of
computer around to play with or some piece of electronics
gear to take apart and try to understand.

At age 3 I was helping my uncle do some computer repair on
a Commodore 64 computer that we had. I used the Commodore 64
until 1992 off and on; playing mostly games and learning how
it worked whenever I had a spare moment.

In 1992 my father brought home an Intel 486 DX-2 33 MHz
computer with a 15 inch screen and a Panasonic laser printer
which cost a total of $2000. This fascinated me! I used that
computer for many years playing some of my favorite games of all time.

I ended up breaking the software on the system and had to fix it
myself or else I would end up in lots of trouble; for a kid that's
never fun. Besides, I grew up on a farm so the form of punishment was to
chop and stack the firewood. This was something I loathed doing.

Later in 1996 my father brought home another new computer, an
amazing Pentium 133MHz system which I loved to use because
it was so fast and powerful compared to the machine that I had been using.

In 1997 I finally upgraded my computer to a Pentium 266MHz
machine and it was grand. I could play all the games that I wanted
and it was my computer, which meant no more sharing.

During the age of 13, I found myself working on a school
project where I had to design a company and all aspects of it.
I chose computer repair, and from that day forward I have
always wanted to do computer repair for a living.

In 2000 I was a year away from graduating high school and the
final project for my electronics class and computer class was
to get certified as an A+ Computer Technician. I aced the test
and have been certified since.

In 2005 I got my first repair job as a technician working for a small
independent shop doing what I love to do, computer repair.
I ended up leaving that temporary job and getting another job in
2006 at another small independent computer shop, but did not
stay long there becausel I landed a job at Fry's Electronics here in
Wilsonville Oregon; doing computer repair at a larger scale.

Fast forwarding to 2008. After working at Fry's Electronics for almost
three years I decided the right choice was to start my own computer
shop which I had been considering since I did the school project
when I was 13 years old. Now I run The Service Department
doing what I do best, computer repair.

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